• Learn essential skills for improving indigenous public health systems through 3 in-person workshops on policy development, program planning and evaluation, and budgeting. 


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    Mental health is about wellbeing emotionally and physically. Life in today’s society is challenging. What practices can we use to grow and sustain our buoyancy, resilience, and mental strength throughout life’s daily flow of encounters, joys and issue? The speakers (wife and husband) for this training bring a rich history of promoting mental wellbeing through clinical settings and in public health arenas, with success stories and case studies that share tips on how best to manage/improve mental wellbeing for each of us.

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  • The WRPHTC continues its efforts in reviewing and rating select online courses for public health professionals. Public health interns review TRAIN courses in an effort to avoid duplication of courses while addressing the training topics needed by health departments. The WRPHTC adapted the Quality Matters form from the University of Arizona’s Office of Instruction and Assessment to develop a guide that lists high-scoring, recommended courses.

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